Kayla Fox

Connecticut's Premiere Coed Courtesan

Self Care

Often times you hear people saying “self care” make sure you take care of yourself etc etc. What does this really mean? What does it mean for you? To me self care is making sure your mental and emotional health are well. Life gets beyond stressful at times and I feel like some of us forget that in order to be able to accomplish what you want your star player (you) has to be taken care of. As of late I know a lot of you have seen my touring schedule and it is not a game lol I travel often 5-6 days a week and I’m constantly moving. I sometimes fall into the bad habit of not leaving time for myself of my loved ones. That in turn leads to burnout which is a domino effect into other negatives. I’ve been finding as of late that if I take even two hours out of each day to just stop… my mood improves drastically. My options of self care sometimes involves finances like getting my nails done, buying a really good wine, getting new clothes etc. Sometimes though it’s just going for a walk to clear my head, or taking a full day off. With the stress of fosta/sesta and every other regular life stressor it is more important now than ever to take care of yourself. I can’t provide the best sides of me unless I am taking care of myself first. Same goes for anyone else. Be sure to be kind and caring to yourself. There is only one you.

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