Kayla Fox

Connecticut's Premiere Coed Courtesan

“Kayla what turns you on?”

For the longest time this question haunted me. I get it often almost every session to be honest. It doesn’t haunt me because I don’t know the answer it haunts me because I don’t know how to answer the question generally in the moment it’s asked. What turns me on does vary from person to person and session to session. There are times where I want to be slowly caressed and undressed. I want our tongues to meet slowing passionately with our bodies pressed together like long lost lovers. There are times I want to be ravished against a wall for a quickie. Hike up my skirt (even hotter in a semi public place) start playing with my clit, slide on a condom and slide into me dripping wet. Both scenarios are entirely different but sex generally does differ. Like there can be days I want my anal plug in during doggy and times I feel like missionary is the best position Ever. There is one thing that will ALWAYS turn me on and that’s communicating with me I’m bed. “Does this feel good?” Goes a looooong way with me and actually makes me wetter because you’re genuinely interested in my needs and my desires. Also reading body language (easier than it seems) goes a long way. Generally if I’m squirming AWAY something may need to be adjusted. Little things like that are always turn one for me but in terms of an extensive list. It varies from person to person session to session and I honestly prefer it that way. Pleasuring a partner is the fastest way to me getting turned on so letting things flow naturally will always help from what I’ve found.

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