Kayla Fox

Connecticut's Premiere Coed Courtesan

Tales of a Touring Provider

As many of you know and have seen I travel.... a lot. A lot being a huge understatement. The northeast as a whole is my playground. From the amazing views of greenery in Vermont to the city lights of NYC I have seen my fair share of sights and met a lot of interesting people. I have to say though that one of my favorite experiences has been a very simple one. It actually occurred in Vermont. When I tour I go to Burlington and white river junction. Burlington is a college city complete with a gorgeous Dowtown and more restaurants than anyone could ask for. On any given summer night you can see crowds of people laughing, smiling, walking the streets and indulging in everything the restaurants and night life have to offer. White River Junction is the opposite. A quiet and serene area complete with no access to Uber or Lyft and minimal WiFi lol when I arrived in WRJ I was forced to do something I haven’t done in a very long time. Unplug and put down my devices for social media use. I still met lovely gentlemen after navigating use of my old number but outside of my dates I had to walk to explore my surroundings. That’s exactly what I did. Stepping out into an area filled with trees wildlife and minimal car traffic along the road I went on a journey. Queeche gorge wasn’t far from me so I walked to it happily anticipating the cheese tasting I passed on the way into town. I stepped into Cabot and spent about 20 minutes trying literally every single cheese they had out and even some twice lol I tried some of the meats they had available as well as some of the local honey. After sometime and a lot more cheese and honey than I should’ve had I left the Cabot store and walked around the gorge. I admired all the old antique toys, rides and tools they had laying around. I found a bench in the sun and sat for about 30 minutes just taking in the calmness and peaceful nature of where I was. It was relaxing and I didn’t feel the pressure to be on my phone (outside of some pictures of course) I was comfortable and my mind was at ease. After taking in the sun I decided my last stop would be the distillery. They have free tastings on almost everything in store. If any of you know me you know I’m never turning down free  liquor tastings. I stepped inside greeted by the delightful owner who took his time explained the ingredients in every spirit. Explaining how things were made and making sure I could use the correct method to taste every flavor on my palate. I was the only one in the store so it felt as though it were my own private tasting. Everything was okay but there was a gin that I adored. It had floral notes of lavender and juniper. It was also made with local berries from the area. Just the smoothest gin I’ve tried in awhile. I bought a bottle and made my way back to my Incall. When I got back I just laid down on my bed completely content with the simplicity of my day. Sometimes, especially with as much as I travel, it’s so nice to unwind. And self care isn’t always in the form of fancy dinners, spa days or other grandiose gestures.

Sometimes self care and a memorable experience comes in the form of extra extra sharp reserved cheddar and a really amazing gin with nothing more. And sometimes that’s just enough. 

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