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An open apology

As many of you know and have heard a million times thus far in April of this year two sex trafficking laws passed, SESTA and FOSTA. The consequences these knew laws has been immediate and ground breaking. The aftermath of the immediate blow to the sexwork community has lead to a lot of providers dealing with ten times more stress and all less work. A lot of providers myself included have taken to twitter to vent, rant, educate or basically anything to try to either decrease the stress or make it known what’s happening. I feel like a lot of people have gotten scared away from our community or gone into hiding to wait until things blow over. I am a huge advocate for the phrase “if it doesn’t apply let it fly” A lot of the posts are about clients or potential clients with undesirable behavior. Most of us are dealing with people that prior to these laws would never have contacted us in the first place. It’s taking a huge toll on us but I also know it’s taking a toll on clients as well. You guys are frustrated because it’s harder to find us, verification has shifted from reviews and finding a provider you can trust has gotten a little harder. After all is said in done coming to look for a provider on twitter and seeing a bunch of negative comments for days, weeks or months on end can be a turn off in an already frustrating situation. For my contribution to that I apologize. It’s easy to get wrapped up in negatives and not realize the positives that come from certain situations. Despite everything going on I have been lucky enough to still have a base of amazing clientele that I adore. I’ve worked my behind off (not literally lol) for years to be the best companion I could be. The positives of my work have far outweighed the cons and that’s the attitude I want to put forward. A focus on positivity usually brings about more positives overall. Will me entire brand become rainbows and sunshine no. Will you see a whole three  I just want you guys to know and understand that any venting tweets aren’t about good clients. Take anything negative with a grain of salt and a shot of tequila if it doesn’t apply to you. Have an amazing weekend and everyone remember to breathe. Storms only last so long. 

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