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“Kayla what am I getting for that?” The question that haunts us all

For years I’ve hated being asked “Kayla what do I get for that rate?” Because for the most part most of you know why you’re approaching me in particular for companionship. I’m an escort the rest is pretty self explanatory. Secondly it made me feel cheapened and like a commodity being sold instead of a person with experience on sexuality and exploring what someone likes and wants. Also it’s super incriminating to literally list sexual acts for money so there’s that as well. With TER and the most explicit of reviews being on the back burner this question has been coming up even more so than before leading me to decide to figure out away to answer in a way that will make everyone happy. So I’ll answer plainly and as honestly as I can hear. I love sex, sexuality, sensuality all of it. I love to express what I can do and I’m vocal about what I want and don’t want. One thing I can guarantee of is a showcase of what I just mentioned. The service I provide is intimate and honestly really something that I wake up in the morning wanting to do. I always tell my clients that the easiest part of my job is meeting people in person. I could also list that you’re paying for someone voluntarily doing my job and a clean Incall etc etc but I feel like most of you know this already. My sessions are non rushed experiences that I take pride in providing. Like I’ve mentioned in other writings there is no break down of a play by play of what happens on dates because no two dates even with the same person are the same. If you were expecting me to say I suck someone off on a handstand while simultaneously orgasming 6 times to my clit being touched once I’m sorry to disappoint. But if everything else I mentioned is something that does intrigue you I can guarantee amazing dates with someone that shows authenticity of both my personality and my ability to make us both comfortable in an arousing setting. Also I’d like to add that if you feel my rates are too high for the experience I just explained please find someone more suitable for your needs. Until next time……

Blunt vs Angry

  It is no secret that I speak my mind on my twitter and other social media platforms. Every once in awhile I find out someone new blocked me on twitter and at first I would get offended. Now I kind of chuckle to myself like “how did I offend someone today” Most of my feed is my marketing, selfies, professional photos and my schedules. The irony is I post my monthly schedule I generally on average get about 30 retweets. When I’m blunt about an opinion or fact either about the industry or just life in general I get 200 likes 60 retweets. These are from both client accounts and provider accounts. Some of my clients follow me on twitter. The huge majority don’t get offended by anything I have to say. They don’t perceive me as “angry, bitter or jaded”. I live by the motto “If I doesn’t apply let it fly” if something that I say as a general statement is offensive towards you it is your responsibility to understand why. I constantly go to twitter and see things I can perceive as offensive because I feel them to be a personal attack. When that happens I take a step back... realize this person doesn’t even know me and do some inner searching as to why I became offended. I have a few clients that will text me when I post about bad client behavior and I always think to myself. If this offended you why are you coming to me? Change your behavior lol Then I also realize everyone doesn’t handle things how I do. I redirect my approach and get them to understand where offense comes from. I’m blunt with all of my clients so if ever I have a problem with anyone in particular I will sort it out with you. Transparency is a lot easier for me to navigate than anything. (This shouldn’t be a surprise in the least if you follow me lol) if you’re someone who has gotten offended from my feed and you are not a client I ask one thing of you. Ask yourself, did I personally attack you or did you feel personally attacked because whatever I said struck a nerve? Some inner searching can lead to more open conversations and less closed off because you got offended ones. Also at some point I will make a blog explaining how things I’ve said are not new but because I am the one saying them people have issues but that’s a whole different conversation. Have an amazing evening. 

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