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Blunt vs Angry

  It is no secret that I speak my mind on my twitter and other social media platforms. Every once in awhile I find out someone new blocked me on twitter and at first I would get offended. Now I kind of chuckle to myself like “how did I offend someone today” Most of my feed is my marketing, selfies, professional photos and my schedules. The irony is I post my monthly schedule I generally on average get about 30 retweets. When I’m blunt about an opinion or fact either about the industry or just life in general I get 200 likes 60 retweets. These are from both client accounts and provider accounts. Some of my clients follow me on twitter. The huge majority don’t get offended by anything I have to say. They don’t perceive me as “angry, bitter or jaded”. I live by the motto “If I doesn’t apply let it fly” if something that I say as a general statement is offensive towards you it is your responsibility to understand why. I constantly go to twitter and see things I can perceive as offensive because I feel them to be a personal attack. When that happens I take a step back... realize this person doesn’t even know me and do some inner searching as to why I became offended. I have a few clients that will text me when I post about bad client behavior and I always think to myself. If this offended you why are you coming to me? Change your behavior lol Then I also realize everyone doesn’t handle things how I do. I redirect my approach and get them to understand where offense comes from. I’m blunt with all of my clients so if ever I have a problem with anyone in particular I will sort it out with you. Transparency is a lot easier for me to navigate than anything. (This shouldn’t be a surprise in the least if you follow me lol) if you’re someone who has gotten offended from my feed and you are not a client I ask one thing of you. Ask yourself, did I personally attack you or did you feel personally attacked because whatever I said struck a nerve? Some inner searching can lead to more open conversations and less closed off because you got offended ones. Also at some point I will make a blog explaining how things I’ve said are not new but because I am the one saying them people have issues but that’s a whole different conversation. Have an amazing evening. 

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