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GFE and why you should focus on the E more than the GF

GFE meaning girlfriend experience has taken on a plethora of meaning over the years I’ve been a provider in this short time. While the intent for it to be introduced as a method of service may have been positive the repercussions and consequences of the demand of this service have been all over the place. I, myself, identify as a gfe provider. By this I mean I will provide a service that is more than “wham bam thank you ma’am”. What that can mean to you as an individual will differ depending on a bunch of variables. Every interaction that I have with a new date will be different than the one before and the one after. As human beings our interactions with eachother are never the exact same. (That would be super boring anyways) What gfe isn’t is a list of services expected during a session nor is it anything that will put either person involved at risk (bare services, boundary pushing) At the end of the day as providers we aren’t your girlfriend. That’s why I say to focus on the experience of having an amazing date with the person you’re with because it is just that, an experience. It’s a level of intimacy that’s deeper than meeting a stranger at a bar and taking them home but lighter than going on e harmony to find your mate. Basically in summary what I’m saying is live in the moment, live in the experience, let go of the laundry list of review board expectations of what gfe should be and you’ll find yourself having more fun than you know. Have an amazing weekend everyone! 

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