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“Kayla what am I getting for that?” The question that haunts us all

For years I’ve hated being asked “Kayla what do I get for that rate?” Because for the most part most of you know why you’re approaching me in particular for companionship. I’m an escort the rest is pretty self explanatory. Secondly it made me feel cheapened and like a commodity being sold instead of a person with experience on sexuality and exploring what someone likes and wants. Also it’s super incriminating to literally list sexual acts for money so there’s that as well. With TER and the most explicit of reviews being on the back burner this question has been coming up even more so than before leading me to decide to figure out away to answer in a way that will make everyone happy. So I’ll answer plainly and as honestly as I can hear. I love sex, sexuality, sensuality all of it. I love to express what I can do and I’m vocal about what I want and don’t want. One thing I can guarantee of is a showcase of what I just mentioned. The service I provide is intimate and honestly really something that I wake up in the morning wanting to do. I always tell my clients that the easiest part of my job is meeting people in person. I could also list that you’re paying for someone voluntarily doing my job and a clean Incall etc etc but I feel like most of you know this already. My sessions are non rushed experiences that I take pride in providing. Like I’ve mentioned in other writings there is no break down of a play by play of what happens on dates because no two dates even with the same person are the same. If you were expecting me to say I suck someone off on a handstand while simultaneously orgasming 6 times to my clit being touched once I’m sorry to disappoint. But if everything else I mentioned is something that does intrigue you I can guarantee amazing dates with someone that shows authenticity of both my personality and my ability to make us both comfortable in an arousing setting. Also I’d like to add that if you feel my rates are too high for the experience I just explained please find someone more suitable for your needs. Until next time……

Hiring a pro my initial thoughts.

Before I came into the sex work industry I had my thoughts and judgements on what this world was and how it operated. I started my journey into this industry in 2016 when sites were still thriving, the sex work market was extremely saturated and things like seeking arrangement were going main stream. I came in thinking this world couldn’t possibly be real and if it was it was a female dominated powerful sexually empowering movement. When I was introduced to things like TER and ECCIE I was confused for a lack of better words. My thought was that clients hired us to showcase our skills not dictate them. The stereotype I had of this scenario in my mind was a provider being hired and being able to not necessarily control a session but come in with a comfort to do what they do best to make sure the client was satisfied. After seeing the scoring system of TER and personally dealing with clients who expected me to do the same things for everyone I was sorely disappointed in the fact that I wasn’t getting a chance to show off MY SKILLS without the expectation of a checklist. When TER went down and I started seeing more clients break away from this mindset and it changed how I was able to do business. I find myself retaining a better base clientele longer because the expectations of a list of acronyms was lifted. Of course I run into the occasional super hobbyists but now I don’t even feel an annoyance for them I feel almost a sadness. One of the perks of my job is that I never have the same day twice meaning even if I see the same people over and over every interaction is different. That’s the joy of having a spicy sex life right? Not expecting the same things over and over but letting the chemistry of the moment take over and letting the professional you hire do their job to the best of their ability. Am I saying forgo your needs? No communicate them with the provider you hire but let go of the expectations of a list of acronyms and you may enjoy your sessions more than you expect. Thank you to the clients who have let me freely express myself in our sessions. I am on this journey exploring my sexuality along with everyone else and allowing me to showcase what I’m amazing at always works out in everyone’s favor.

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